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If you are looking to make a statement or just live in totally unique home, these unusual floor plans are just the ticket.Framed or unframed, mounted or clipped to a backboard, there are numerous ways to show off your memories. - We Create Photo Picture Collage Gifts

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There are immeasurable ways to chase the boredom away, and this one called needle artwork is something worth trying for.Holidays travel concept creative background - stack of vacation photos with camel caravan sunset image on top isolated on white background.

Alan and I have been married for over 20 years and we love to one up each other on creative ways to present a gift.Unlike real estate transactions, that have a lengthy sales cycle, a vacation rental transaction can be completed in real time, right there on a website.

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We plan a whole year figuring out where to go, and who to go with.

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One of the most important parts of a family vacation is making memories.

Some destinations are just really, really ridiculously good.And now days more and more self shots in different situations.SkitterPhoto offers a wide variety of free stock photos and are released under Creative Commons CC0.

Not only is it fun to experiment with shooting the details around you, but they can be great for adding colour and interest to create storyboards, photobooks or blog posts when you come home.Beaches present digital camera owners with a number of wonderful opportunities as they are.

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Get up with your camera, walk around and thoughtfully compose your shot.

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So if you have a wide angle lens, use it to zoom out and capture great stretching skies or sweeping scenes which make for fantastic travel shots.

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Also, these shots are a great way to add context to storyboards.While most tourists have digital cameras, others prefer to take pictures with their mobile phones.

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Here Are 16 Cool And Creative ideas For Your Memorable Vacation Photos.The overwhelming (or underwhelming as it were) aspect was how boring those photos were.The most important thing when vacationing is taking photographs of these memories.