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Courtesy of Antanas Samkus at the Beatrice Inn, New York City.Since the Moscow mule has gained a renewed fame recently, there are plenty of new takes on that great ginger beer recipe.Ingredients 2 oz Bulleit Rye whiskey.5 oz peach simple syrup 3 dashes house bitters Instructions Combine the ingredients and shake with ice.

Ingredients 2 oz Plymouth Gin 1.25 oz elderflower liqueur 1.25 oz grapefruit juice 2 dashes rhubarb bitters Grapefruit peel (for garnish) Instructions Build all ingredients in a rocks glass over ice and stir together.

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Dip champagne flutes in water to wet the rims, then dip in cinnamon sugar mixture.If you want a drink you see here, ask for it These drinks are created by enthusiastic baristas and customers from across the world.

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Ingredients 1 oz Don Julio 1942 1 oz El Tesoro Anejo tequila.5 oz grapefruit-cinnamon syrup 2 dashes Elemakule Tiki Bitters Instructions Add all ingredients in a mixing glass and stir with ice.

Nothing brings in the fall weather than this beautiful Pumpkin Spice Latte. In fact.

From Beverage Director David Miller at Market Table, New York City.Strain into a rocks glass with one large cube and garnish with a long grapefruit twist and soft cinnamon stick.Strain over fresh ice in a rocks glass and garnish with a grilled peach slice.Ingredients 1.5 oz cognac.5 oz cinnamon syrup 1 large spoonful of apple butter or apple syrup Instructions Shake ingredients before pouring into a sophisticated coupe glass.The temperatures have started to dip below 100 degrees here in Arizona and I am already looking forward to cooler weather months, finally getting to wear warm sweaters, and all the pumpkin treats you can imagine.

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Wow your guests with your repertoire of fall drink recipes this holiday season.

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Ingredients 2 oz rye whiskey (like Rittenhouse Rye).25 oz pure maple syrup (grade A Amber is recommended.

Ingredients.25 oz simple syrup.75 oz lemon juice.5 oz apricot liqueur.5 oz cognac.5 oz allspice dram 1 oz applejack Instructions Shake ingredients with ice and strain into a maple sugar-rimmed coupe.Pour cocktail, squeeze lemon zest over cocktail, discard the lemon, and garnish with maraschino cherry.Ingredients 1.5 oz Hangar 1 Straight Vodka 1 oz fresh green apple juice (Granny Smith recommended).5 oz lime juice ginger beer Nutmeg dusting Instructions Combine and serve over ice.

This homemade yellow-orange bar drink would be ideal for fall holiday parties like Thanksgiving or Halloween.Ingredients 1 oz Plantation Rum Traditional Dark 1 oz Montreuil Calvados.5 oz Michelberger Forest herbal liqueuer.5 oz lemon oleo saccharum.75 oz lemon Juice Rosemary Sprig Instructions Shake with ice and strain into coupe glass.

Bursting with all your favorite autumn fall flavors, these fall cocktails are some of the most refreshing ways to enjoy the season.In the fall, most days I want nothing more than a hot cup of coffee on a cold day.

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Fall is here and it is time to switch gears from the light airy foods and drinks of summer, to the warmer, spicier tastes of fall, which can include cinnamon, apple, pumpkin and orange.Fall is the time of year when Atlanta truly shines, and the summer heat gives way to a long, comfortable season of cool.

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Ingredients 1.5oz Cabeza tequila 1 oz Cocchi Vermouth di Torino.25 oz Giffard Pamplemousse 1 tsp Sri Lankan Cinnamon-Infused Cabeza tequila 1 tsp cane syrup 1 dash mole bitters Instructions Stir ingredients and strain into a fizz glass.Ingredients 1 oz lime juice.5 oz cane syrup 1 tsp Orgeat Works HD orgeat 1 dsh ube extract (available on Amazon ) 1 oz pineapple infused Barbancourt White Rhum 1 oz El Dorado three-year-old rum Instructions Stir and strain into a Coupe glass and garnish with an orchid From Brian Miller at the Polynesian, New York City.

Ingredients 2 oz bourbon.5 oz maple syrup.5 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice Thyme Instructions Muddle thyme then combine ingredients and serve on the rocks.One of the best aspects of autumn drinks is putting a fall twist on your favorite cocktails.As the weather cools down, more and more of us are curling up inside with a nice hot drink.