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The Unclutter Angel Organizing Heavenly Spaces in Earthly Places Start Here.A little meal prep can go a long way to guarantee you have a healthy week of meals at the ready.

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Cute cloth napkins, cool lunch boxes, or fun bento boxes are just a few ideas.That way, I could feel fairly confident sending it in a lunch knowing he would like it.The reason that I have continued to stay sane and make lunches for my kids is, first of all, they make their own lunches.

If you purchase something through them, I will get a small commission.Along with letting go of making lunches for my kids, I also expect them to remember their lunch.It is fun to watch how excited they can get making food in the kitchen.

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As it turns out, Mason jars can hold all kinds of lunches, from pastas, deconstructed sushi, salads and even pot pies.

Prep a few of these simple make-ahead lunches on the weekend to stay energized at work.It may take a little longer at first to stick with the habit of making lunch ahead of time.

For kids (and grown-ups), who like spicy, salty cured meats, this is the ultimate make-ahead sandwich.Giving your picky eater the list above to choose from and experiment with, will increase their menu, and they will f eel good about having a say in what they are eating.One of the biggest favors I did for my kids was begin to institute natural consequences into their lives.Because my twins helped in the kitchen starting at a younger age, I feel they are more open to helping create their food, and not afraid to get creative in the kitchen.Too busy to devote the necessary time to make elaborate keto lunches.Make ahead salads and fruit bowls in containers and place in fridge.When mom makes lunches in morning, they may be healthier, but time can be pressed.

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Use my printable recipe list to mix and match hundreds of lunch combinations.I like them because two of the containers include small ice packs that attach to the lids and easily remove to wash and put back in freezer.Trying new recipes and ideas, will keep lunches from getting boring.

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I get so many requests for lunch menus so I thought I would re-post my make ahead lunch plan.

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My husband sometimes will come with me to the store while the kids are at youth group.Cutting them to your desired shape and cutting grapes to smaller portions.Make a plan, prep foods ahead, and then lunches come together in just minutes.

Planning ahead and cooking in bulk will make it easier during the week when packing lunch.

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With this make-ahead lunch meal plan, some light prep at the beginning of the week sets you up for 5 days of delicious lunches, perfect for the busy work weeks.Pull out all dried goods the night before and put in lunch box.For some families, they like going to the store and doing it together.We all want our kids to eat healthier and prepping food in the morning rush before school is a hustle.

I hate to say it, but back to school time will be here before we know it.When creating make ahead meals on the go for the kids, make sure to use also use BPA-free containers.Some items in his lunch routine would need to stay the same, but I would try to introduce as much new stuff as possible.She keeps very busy as a stay at home mom to four kids - two sets of twins.

Here are some tips to maximize your efficiency and save precious minutes on weeknights and in the morning.

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It gets wrapped in plastic and pressed overnight, letting the flavors meld (and helping you get your mouth around all that deliciousness).

Say sayonara to boring sandwiches and canned soup, and say hello to festive noodle bowls and hearty salads with decadent dressings.The best thing about make ahead school lunches is they can be packed the day before.I used to be VERY organized with meal planning for our dinners, especially when the kids were younger.This is a super-smart way to pack up multiple lunches ahead of time for the week.If you have your kids make the lunch, it can save you time, but they may also shove a bag of cereal in their pail because they got lazy or wait until the last minute.

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I am a wife, mother of three, professional organizer, author, and speaker.If they have input on the grocery list, my kids are cool with me going on my own.Choose a protein, veggie, fruit, and carbohydrate for each day of the week.My youngest goes back to preschool in less than two weeks, I start back to teaching in 3 weeks, and the week.This means your kids can simply take their lunch out of the fridge in the morning.