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Search by gender or personality trait.They got those names by how the first grankids could say grandpa or grandma so see how the grandchild tries to say it then stay with it.

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But for some reason she started reversing the Gama into Maga.My mother had open her first heart surgery in 1995, needing to have a.

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Right Lou -- When my husband was a very small boy, he was always greeted.My name is Betty, so my grandchildren call me Granbetty.We are.If grandma or grandpa are too basic for you, here are 19 creative names for your grandkids to call you instead.

Maybe she will change the names to something else altogether.Baby names inspired by nature Give your child a name inspired by the natural world and you could gain a whole new appreciation for its beauty.Since his girls have a number of other grandparents ( Nonny, Poppy, Nana.My mother wanted my children to call her Grandmother, but when my.

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This child has five great grandmothers and two great grandfathers as well.Gan, and Mother she simply replaced with the more familiar child version.

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Now Katie loves her Nonie, and the two new 6-month old granddaughters.Baby names inspired by flowers can be used for both boys and girls.Roger Decourcey had a ventriloquist bear called Nookie Bear and for some.

My grandparents love these names so much that even now, the tell all of.Now that my mom has passed away, Wicky is their only grandma on my side.My brother-in-law nicknamed my mother Grammbo after she emerged from.As names data from the Social Security Administration shows, many parents have recently been choosing names popular in years long gone by—vintage names from the late 1800s through the mid-1900s—that eventually fell out of style.When her daughter was a young child, my sister, who was divorced.

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We call our grandfather Bamps and our grandmother Bamma because my oldest.Then one day my husband remarked that everytime I saw my kids.

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With our first child due soon, my mother has been asked to be called Mahsie.The most commonly used Filipino word for grandmother is lola.

When I was little, an elderly couple at church took care of me, and.Someone once suggested that it sounded somewhat like the Spanish Abuela.We both would respond so now he just says, Nanamy, and one of us will.My husband is also in denial about being a grandfather at 40 and has suggested.

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Another grandmother I know is called Pepper because when the grandchild.